nRF 52832 chip bluetooth low energy module for Sensing element,iBeacon,Smart watch, and PC accessories

Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Operating Temperature:
-40 C to 85 C
Packaging Details
Lead Time:
2days after the order
Product Description

The PTR5618PA ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy/2.4GHz proprietary multi-protocol modules based on the nRf52832 from Nordic Semiconductor. The module with an ARM® CortexTM M4F 32 bit processor, embedded 2.4GHz transceiver, and integrated antenna, provide a complete solution with no additional RF design, allowing faster time to market, while simplifying designs, reducing BOM costs, also reduce the burden of regulatory approvals to enter the world market. making you more quickly into the Bluetooth smart application and remove the worries


 System on module (SOM) base on Nordic nRF52832

 Bluetooth low energy/2.4GHz proprietary Multi-protocol support

 Complete Bluetooth low energy stack/profiles solution (Bluetooth 4.x and higher)

 ARM® Cortex TM M4F 32 bit processor,512 kb flash memory,64kB RAM

 2.4GHz transceiver, Max TX power +20 dBm,-96 dBm [email protected]

 11 General purpose I/O, Configurable mapping pins, simple layout of external application

 12-bit/200ksps ADC,PWM,SPI master/slave(8 Mbps)

 Low power comparator, Temperature sensor, Random number Generator

 2-wire master/slave(I2C compatible)

 12S audio interface, PDM audio interface

 UART(w/ CTS/RTS and DMA)

 20 channel CPU independent programmable peripheral interconnect(PPI)

 Quadrate Demodulator (QDEC)

 128-bit AES HW encryption

 5*32bit timers, 3*24bit Real timer Counters (RTC), Watchdog timer

 Internal components required

 Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates available

 Ultra small size (smaller than CR2032 coin battery), about 15mm*15mm*1.8mm

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